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What is a will and why do you need one?

A Will is a legal document that comes in to effect upon the event of death and describes the wishes of the deceased with respect to assets and guardianship. Having an up-to-date legally binding will, created by an experienced wills lawyer, ensures that your loved ones have a clear guide of how you would like your assets distributed when you die. This also assists to alleviate any stress and unnecessary costs over the distribution of your assets.

If you die without a will, also known as intestate, there is no guarantee that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes.

Preparing your will, and other guardianship and living documents, gives you the opportunity to name guardians for your children, establish a trust, or to donate to charities of your choosing.

Do you need to update a will?

It is important to keep your will up to date. You may need to change your will if any of the following occurs:

  • you get married
  • you get divorced or separate from your partner
  • you enter into a de facto relationship
  • your children or grandchildren are born
  • your executor or beneficiary dies
  • there is a change in your financial circumstances.
A wills lawyer helps navigate the complex world of estate planning, probate and legally binding wills

Why Choose K&T Legal Lawyers To Create a Will?

Creating a will with a solicitor can have many benefits. It can written to ensure minimal or no ambiguity, it can be kept safe and also meet the legal requirements.

There are a number of considerations when creating a will that should be considered beyond, who gets what. These include burial wishes, care of children & pets and payment of liabilities.

K&T Legal can prepare a new will, or update an existing one, for your specific circumstances. As experienced & trusted wills lawyers, we ensure that all your wishes are clearly identified and in place before you die. We can also assist families who have lost loved ones with application for Probate / Letters of Administration and Distribution of assets during a difficult time.

For further information regarding this area of practice, please contact our office to speak to one of our professional and friendly lawyers.